Campaign strategy

“Bridge yourself” The focus of our interactive campaign is to “form a bridge”... After a brief research on our target audience “Young Europeans”, we came to the conclusion that the most interesting point about Istanbul is the Bosphorus Bridge, which connects two continents. “Bridge” also has other meanings such as togetherness, tolerence, reunification, friendship and most importanly associations of bringing together the opposites... In our interactive campaign, we wanted to attribute this “connecting” characteristic of Istanbul. We formed our campaign in three mediums...

1. Microsite:
We ask users to upload photos where they form “bridges” with their own bodies. They will upload these to the website. Afterwards, tag the photos with the concepts they want to form a bridge between. For example: salary and new clothes, desires and conditions, my dreams and my job, my masters thesis and my laziness...

We thought that this type of event where they will be using their body would be creative, energetic and fun for our target group. Also raise awareness of the website with additions such as being able to comment on, vote and search photos with different criterias, publish them on social media sites such as facebook and twitter. This type of interactivity involving photos would fit perfectly with the communication habits of the target audience.

2. Viral Videos:
We have created an urban legend about the Bosphorus bridge to cause commotion and raise curiosity. “There is a treasure under the Bosphorus Bridge!” With this, we aimed to raise a few eyebrows and get attention in public.

3. Event:
We want to display the photos and words that the users upload into our microsite on to the underside of the Bosphorus Bridge. By using as a display screen, we want to emphasize the idea of “bridge connecting differences”.